It is an inconvenient truth that our community at large is faced with some of the biggest challenges in its history and the only solution is for us to face it head on. Over the last year our economy has suffered irreparable damage and our tourism brand has been tarnished forever. Most of our communities are divided and many have become indoctrinated by cleverly designed and executed propaganda aimed at sowing disunity.

Despite this the Whale Coast has readied itself in anticipation of a bumper holiday season that will go a long way in allow-ing our economy to recover and our tourists to regain trust in the Whale Coast as a safe and reliable destination. This is of the utmost importance for most local businesses to keep their doors open and their staff employed. All of us, in turn, are reliant on the income we earn to allow us to make a living in this beautiful area and see our children grow up and prosper.

As responsible citizens it is the duty of all of us to critically examine the situation we find ourselves in and act only in ways that are in the interests of all of our communities. Many groupings have established themselves as representatives of the broader community, but in most instances, they have either failed in delivering on their mandate or exposed themselves to be either self-serving or blatantly dishonest, with the sole aim of destabilising our region.

While we find ourselves in a precarious position, we cannot allow the wool to be pulled over our eyes. Creating upheaval and further harming our economy, especially at this time of year, is not in the interests of the community as a whole. For us to solve the problems we are faced with, we need to work from a position of strength, we need to be able to afford the plans we make, and we need to be able to guarantee all residents a safe and prosperous environment. For us to attain this we need to all work towards the common goal of making and keeping our towns economically and socially viable.

In this light we call on all communities to stand in unison and not be fooled or intimidated into placing our futures in the balance, not during the festive season and not in the new year. Instead of attempting to destabilise our region, we need to find the solutions that will benefit all of us. Yes, it means that we will have to have uncomfortable discussions and perhaps even accept realities that differ from our present, but we have shown in the past that we could do it and we will show in future that we can.

This is the good NEWS – Ed.

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