As the sun’s rays stay with us longer and longer every day and we feel the heat of the first days of summer, life still seems as if it is suspended in a strange limbo.

In years to come we may find ourselves counting the years as 2018, 2019, Coronavirus, 2021, 2022, as if this year did not really happen. While we wait with a sense of trepidation for our president to tell the nation what the next steps are, we all pray for those in Europe who are once again going through the pain and agony of a lockdown.

And while our daily figures for new infections stay firmly above the 1 000 mark, we are hopeful that summer will bring a more significant drop to ensure that we won’t have to return to higher lockdown levels.

With some 730 000 confirmed cases in South Africa and only a little more than 80 active cases in the Overberg, it seems as if the immediate threat is over. But, as it has been repeated several times, now is the time for us to be as vigilant as ever. The virus has proven itself to be unpredictable and a new outbreak would cripple our local economy.

Almost daily there are references on social media to the many people who are openly flouting the social distancing and mask-wearing rules. This can simply not be allowed to happen. We all have a civic duty towards our fellow residents. We should all be used to social distancing and masks by now – worn properly and covering both nose and mouth! – so let us not break the habit.

For the sake of the safety of our fellow residents, our visitors and our economy, it is important for the Cape Whale Coast to become known as a Covid-responsible destination. If we simply stick to the basic rules and we keep on reminding ourselves how much is at stake, we will become the envy of the country.

It is within our grasp to have a flourishing region despite the sword of the pandemic hanging over our heads. Let us do this for each other; we are all worth it.

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