It is heartening to hear the stories from business owners across the region that trade is slowly but surely picking up and there is some light at the end of the long Covid-19 tunnel.

Most tourism-related businesses have indicated that the past long weekend was just what the doctor ordered to get the ball rolling again. The fact that we saw so many visitors in our towns is a testament to the popularity of the area.

In tourism, as in real estate, position, position, position are the three most important words. The Cape Whale Coast has the enviable advantage that we are located centrally enough for tourists to easily pop over the mountain for a visit. In addition, we have no shortage of activities and wine and food destinations, and tourists are bound to find something for every family member’s taste.

Every rand that is spent locally at tourism businesses is a rand that will find its way into our local economy and assist all businesses across the board.

And while this all plays in our favour, we as a community need to thank all those business owners and staff who are doing everything possible to keep our economy going. By all accounts, the Overberg can be proud of its achievements under very trying circumstances. While spending time in Hermanus over the weekend it was noticeable that businesses were going out of their way to make visitors feel welcome and safe. Social distancing, sanitising and mask-wearing were the order of the day. This will further enhance our position as a preferred and safe destination to visit, even with the sword of Covid-19 still hanging over our heads.

Apart from the first signs of returning to a new normal in terms of tourism, the Overstand is also now becoming a hotspot destination for those who want to change from working in an office to working from home.

All over our towns there are new faces as more people move here for work from home. Many holiday homes have now been transformed into office homes and the installation of highspeed fibre networks are an extra drawcard.Loc

The Overstrand might just be in the perfect position to claim first prize in restoring its economy after the lockdown.

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