Overstrand Municipality appeals to all ratepayers to make sure they switch their payment details from the old Absa account to the new Nedbank account.

Ratepayers who pay accounts via the internet are urged to update their beneficiary details and to use the new, correct bank account details when paying their monthly municipal account. 

Legislation compels a municipality to renew the tender for banking every five years. Nedbank was awarded the tender as they met all the tender requirements, including banking fees.

The correct account number for Overstrand Municipal Account Payments is Nedbank Account No. 1190136899.

This account is solely for the payment of monthly municipal accounts. The payment must include your 12-numerical digit account number as the reference. 

The correct account number for Overstrand Traffic Fine Accounts is Nedbank Account Number 1190137186.

This account is solely for the payment of Overstrand Municipality traffic fines and the payment must include the 10 to 16 alpha-numerical digit reference number indicated on the fine. Please note that the “/” must not be included in the reference number.

The correct account number for Overstrand Primary Account is Nedbank Account Number 1190136678.

This account is for the payment of fees such as licence renewal, building plans, new water and electricity connections, boat launching, town planning etc. Clients are requested to obtain a reference number from the municipality before depositing money in these instances.

The correct account number for Onrus Caravan Park Payments is Nedbank Account Number 1190137674.

This account is solely for the payment of camping fees for the Onrus Caravan Park and the payment reference must include the booking number. 


Type of account: Current Account

Universal Branch Code: 198765

Branch: Inland Garden Route


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