Weekend visits to bookmark was a ritual, enriched by time shared with its owner, Corinne Hendry, and our mutual interest in literature and language – Corinne had an excellent knowledge of books and an outstanding repertoire of editing skills!

The owner of bookmark, Corinne Hendry, who passed away suddenly last week. She will be fondly remembered by The Village NEWS and we offer our condolences to her family and friends.
Photo: Taylum Meyer

Eighteen years ago, settling in Hermanus and placing bookmark on the page in the Eastcliff Centre, Corinne went on to make her own mark as a dynamic entrepreneur with vision. Gifted with insightful intelligence, integrity and creativity, this Glaswegian lass was one of the most authentic people I knew, and fiercely loyal to her friends.

When I was working on the manuscript for a coffee-table book on Hermanus, Corinne was my most ardent supporter, encouraging me to never give up on my writing. Corinne showed through her lifestyle that she herself never gave up. Even though personal health issues impacted on her life, she never complained. She was a courageous, private person with original opinions and an informed interest in world events. Passionate about cats (Cassie and Sasha were the joys of her life), cars, motor racing, tennis and sipping champagne at The Marine, this was a woman with both culture and style.

A professional par excellence, Corinne could be obstinate and stubbornly driven by her powerful personality and inner strength inherited from her Scottish forebears. But whatever she undertook, she did it well. Having relocated bookmark to the CBD, this was evidenced in the projects she tirelessly organised for the revitalisation of the Old Town.

What I shall remember most about Corinne was her wonderful sense of humour and repartee. Way back in 2003, over dinner at Rossi’s restaurant, she was challenged to a friendly duel-of-wit. By the end of the evening, her opponent had to concede victory to Corinne – she was simply in a class of her own!

The news of Corinne’s sudden death has come as a devastating shock. A tragic loss to Hermanus, she will be hugely missed. Both Noel and I would like to share in the celebration of her life with her beloved brother, Nigel, relatives, friends, all those who knew her, and her devoted team at bookmark.

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