Like an ocean tide, the Coronavirus pandemic has washed into every part of our lives over the past six months. The suppression of our natural inclination for physical contact has profoundly affected our wellbeing. Formerly, physical contact took many forms: a handshake at a business meeting, a spontaneous embrace when encountering a kindred spirit, the closeness of family and friends in everyday life. 

We have now been forced to make do with much less. Most of us have done so with quiet resignation. Yet, we know that physical touch is a fundamental ingredient of a healthy mind, heart and body. Ironically, we need touch more than ever in this time of corona.

Massage therapy is an organised and controlled form of touch therapy that has gained increasing traction as a complementary treatment to enhance conventional allopathic medicine. When we face increased levels of stress and anxiety as well as a serious challenge to our immune systems, professional massage therapy offers the proverbial helping hand, in more than just a figurative way. 

Many clinical studies published in respected medical journals have provided evidence for the efficacy of professional massage therapy in promoting physical and psychological health and wellbeing, including benefits to the body’s immune response system. The outcomes of diverse studies conducted over many years prompted the National Institutes of Health in the US to establish a National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, which includes massage therapy. 

It has been confirmed that appropriately focused massage therapy can promote emotional health by substantially reducing a client’s levels of clinical anxiety, stress, and depression. Expertly applied massage techniques have also proved effective in relieving pain, stimulating blood flow and activating the body’s lymphatic system. 

The atmosphere and ambience in which the therapy occurs are also of prime importance. At the BALANCE massage practice which opened in the Overstrand at the beginning of the year, Dr Kris Engelbrecht follows the principles of best practice in integrative massage therapy, striving for a mode of treatment that allows the diverse therapies to meet each client’s needs with the greatest efficacy.

Kris’ journey into complementary therapies was guided by changes in his own health that deeply affected him and drew him towards being able to offer them to others in distress. In 2019, Kris took early retirement from a satisfying academic career in order to invest more time in his passion for complementary healing therapies. With his strong academic background infused with deep critical thinking, he has a natural affinity for the rich body of scientific study underscoring the benefits that massage therapy and related bodywork have for enabling optimal health. The findings of these studies fully support what Kris has experienced first-hand with his clients. 

Kris practises from a private studio at 7 Dirkie Uys Street in the Hermanus CBD on various days of the week. He also has a private studio at his home in De Kelders. Appointments at other locations may be booked on request. All the appropriate safety protocols are maintained.

Whatever needs clients might have: alleviation of pain, relief from stress, deep relaxation, or total grounding, they will be welcomed into a calm, warm and comfortable space for treatment.
Bookings can be made by calling 067 170 2998.

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