Hermanus Golf EstateGreetings once more to you all. I do hope this finds you in great health and raring to get going on the golf course. I must say I played last Saturday and the course is really coming on well – we finished our spring maintenance programme not long ago and already the greens are running at 9 on the Stimp and are getting smoother by the day.

This week we have some sad news: our head marshal Oom Piet has finally decided to hang up his marshal badge and spend some quality time with his lovely wife. Piet has been with us for 18 years and has really been part of the furniture here at HGC. The staff and committee held a farewell for Piet last week and the members said their goodbyes on Saturday.

I personally think Piet should write an article or a book about his experiences – he really has a few interesting tales to tell! Anyway, from our side, Oom Piet, it has been a privilege to work with you and I wish you a really lovely retirement.

Fantastic Daysh Cup

Then at the weekend, we had our annual premier ladies tournament, The Daysh Cup. This year marks the 69th running of the cup. The weather again played along, with a pleasant 21 degrees and a light wind. We had 136 ladies from all over the province with 18 Golf Clubs participating. This event is always a great affair and well supported. The format is always an interesting one as it is a team event – the ladies play better ball in the morning and foursomes in the afternoon, then add up the scores of the team. The overall winners are:

Tommie McLennan Team Prize
Winning Team
Westlake A1 & A2
Score 166
Tessa Granger & Michelle Grundy; Di Pickford & Bronwyn Gray

Runner-Up Team
Paarl A1 & A2
Score 164
Saretha Maritz & Annemie du Toit; Paula Bester & Sandra Clift

Enid Metcalf Salver
Best Couple All Day
Somerset West A: Denise Codrington & Megan O’Grady
Score 86

Runner-up Couple All Day
K D Mowbray A1: Lorraine Smit & June Watson
Score 85

Well done to Westlake, an excellent score indeed. The top Hermanus team was the A1 and A2 pairings of Lynne Behagg and Cheryl Richardson, and Jackie Clifford and Rusty Demmer, on 157, so not far behind. Well tried, ladies.

Oom Piet from HGC
Our head marshal Oom Piet has finally decided to hang up his marshal badge and spend some quality time with his lovely wife.

ICM at Bredasdorp

With the Daysh cup running at home the guys all went for the second leg of the ICM cup at Bredasdorp. This year, after all, the swashbuckling and concentration, it ended in a tie! But due to the fact that Hermanus had edged out the chaps from Bredasdorp on the first leg here at home, the Cup stays with Hermanus. Well done to all who took part and showed great spirit.

Rest In Peace, Stoffel Krauss

Now for a piece of very sad news. Oom Stoffel Krause, a long-time member at HGC, died this past week after a brief battle with cancer. He was one of our real gentlemen members; he always had a good word to say and we shall all miss him terribly. Stoffel, we salute you and may you Rest In Peace, sir.

A tale of a great hole in one… nearly

This week we end off with a tale from one of our “quieter” members, Richard (Bulldog) Charton and his group of merry golfers.

Richard and his fourball were playing the 21st when there was a hold-up on the tee. So they chatted to the fourball in front and watched them tee off and play the hole. One of the golfers, however, came back onto the green and adjusted the flag before vacating the green. Richard swished a 9 iron and caught it absolutely perfectly; they all watched in awe as it homed in on the hole like a laser-guided scud missile. It landed and disappeared from view as the green is slightly elevated.

Was this the day, was this the one time he would get the magical perfect fluke?

In heightened anticipation, they walked up to the green and as they got there they noticed the ball a few inches from the hole, a pitch mark just before and… a putter jammed in the hole.

Not any putter, but Richard’s very own putter. The ball had been blocked from going in the hole. One of Richard’s “friends” had secretly swiped his putter on the tee and played a joke on him by putting his own putter in the hole – and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Richard the Bulldog prevented his own hole in one! And to make matters worse Richard was insured for R10 000 for a hole in one. When Richard confronted the fourball in front obviously a little less than impressed, all was quiet, until one clever golfer pointed out he had actually hit his own equipment and under the rules of golf must be penalised too! Hard luck, Richard, but what a great story!

Until next time, have fun, keep calm and go golfing.

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