The May issue of the Municipality’s Bulletin contains information on the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic (AARTO) Act, as amended, which was passed by Parliament in March and awaits the President’s signature.

The Bulletin sets out the processes that will be followed under the National Traffic Information System (NATIS). After infringement, there are various stages over some three months, with increasing costs; eventually the Sheriff would be called in. Demerit points are separate from fines, or worse, which may be imposed. The system is said to be simpler than the existing arrangements.

The Bulletin provides some examples on the demerit points applicable in certain circumstances, but leaves much unsaid. For example: How many demerit points are accumulated before a licence is suspended, or revoked? What comes after suspension, and is revocation irrevocable?

What demerit points are applicable for travelling say 5 or 10 km above a limit, not stopping at a stop sign, failing to observe a no-entry sign, parking on a yellow, or a red line? Or double parking? etc.

NATIS will only work if the system is robust and incorruptible, and supported by good communications (the Post Office?). Life would be simpler if we motorists, to varying degrees, had a culture-change to one which abides by the existing traffic rules.

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