If you’re planning on building a new home or extending your current one, you’ll need to have your building plans approved by the Municipality.

“Before purchasing an already built house it is wise to have a look at the approved building plans of the property to see if everything is legal and in order. Remember, once you purchase a property, you become the rightful owner and the onus then rests on you to make sure that everything is in order and complies with the National Building Regulations and National Standards Act and any other applicable legislation,” says Stephen Müller, Director of Infrastructure and Planning at the Municipality.

Building services application forms are available on the Overstrand website: www.overstrand.gov.za, click on documents/forms/building services. Here is what you need to know about the process:

Building Plans

All building plans are available at the Building Services offices and can be viewed at any time during office hours. Copies of building plans are also available (fee payable), but only owners or someone with written permission/confirmation from the owners concerned are allowed to view or receive copies.

The approval of building plans can take up to 21 working days if there are no problems found on the plans. Contact the respective Building Department at your closest Administration for building plan meeting dates. Building plan meetings are held every Monday for the Hermanus area. Cut-off time for submission of plans for the following Monday is at 15:30 on the preceding Wednesday.

Heritage buildings

Buildings that are 60 years and older are protected by the National Resources Act of 1999. Any changes to such buildings are subject to comment from the Local Heritage and Aesthetics Committee which then must be sent to Heritage Western Cape for approval. The plan must then come back to the Municipal Building Department for final approval.

So, before attempting to make any relevant changes to a house or building That might be older than 6o it is recommended that you consult with the Building Department to confirm the heritage status of the building or site.

The Process

You must submit two sets of plans (in colour), together with a full copy of the Title Deed and a fully completed SANS (South African National Standards) application form. When the documents are submitted to the Building Department, they will calculate the building plan fees and builders deposit (where needed). The Building Services Department will notify you when your plans are ready for collection.

Compulsory inspections

No building may be occupied until an occupation certificate has been issued to the owner.

Foundation inspection:

To be requested once foundation excavation of the building has been set out and excavated in accordance with the approved plan (that must be available on site). All boundary pegs must be visible.

The foundation excavations must always be inspected by the building inspector; even if a professional engineer was appointed. An inspection form must be filled out at the Building Department a day previous to the inspection.

Drainage inspections:

To be requested once the drainage work on the property has been completed and the pipes are lying open for inspections.

Tank inspections:

To be requested once the sewerage tank (either 5 000L or 10 000L) has been completed.

It has to be inspected by the Building Services Department before the Operational Department can test and connect the tank. Note: No plastic tanks will be allowed.

Final inspection:

To be requested once the building has been totally completed.

These certificates may be requested by the Building Department before the inspection can be approved:

• Engineer’s certificate for the roof structure;
• Glazing certificate for all new glass installed;
• Gas installation / health and safety certificate for gas (to be installed by registered installer);
• Architect’s compliance certificate which also covers the new energy sufficiency regulations.

After the final inspection has been approved the occupation certificate will be issued and the builder’s deposit (if applicable) can be refunded. Take note, the builder’s deposit is normally credited to your municipal account and not refunded in cash.

Where to find the Building Department?

16 Paterson Street, House nr 2
Tel: 028 313 8089

1 Kapokblom Street
Tel 028 384 8321

17 Queen Victoria Street
Tel: 028 341 8500

37 Fifth Avenue
Tel: 028 271 8427

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