I live on the Main Road in Hermanus and saw a poll about a month ago on The Village NEWS Facebook group. The poll addressed the issue of speeding on the stretch of road from CTM to the Police Station in town. The speed limit on this road is 60 km/h.

There are often traffic cops stationed at the Sandbaai intersection and in the parking lot across from the old Synagogue, but there is nothing (and no one) to stop drivers from speeding or driving recklessly into town. This stretch of road also runs through residential areas such as Mt Pleasant and Northcliff. Shouldn’t cameras or speed bumps be installed to help enforce the speed limit? Or could more traffic cops be present on weekends when speeding is a bigger problem?

I have been living in Main Road for eight months and during this time I have heard and seen two accidents. The most recent one happened just this past weekend when someone hit Aloe House’s outer wall at just past 01:00 in the morning. The wall is pretty much gone and the property’s fence is mangled beyond repair. Luckily, I believe that the driver is alright.

There are also many people walking along the road at night. Will we have to wait for something really serious to happen before this matter is addressed? Why aren’t traffic cops enforcing the speed limit?

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