It is good news that the whole country will be moving down to Level 3 lockdown restrictions on 1 June.

But the question is how will the Overberg’s hotspot status impact on the region? From the figures, it is clear that the numbers of infections in the district are rising, which is to be expected. However, with a very fragile economy largely dependent on tourism, which is unlikely to revive before December, we find ourselves in a very precarious position.

While it is time for many of us to return to work and resume those aspects of our lives that have been on hold since the lockdown began, the risk of a massive increase in infections is now greater than it has been since the start of the outbreak in our country.

As a community we need to work together to help curb the spread of the virus. While the multitude of frustrations we all experience can be understood, we need to ensure that we do not undo the effect the lockdown has had on flattening the curve.

All of us have a responsibility towards ourselves and our community to help keep the spread of the virus in check. The saying, ‘Insisting on your rights without acknowledging your responsibilities is not freedom, it is adolescence’ seems very apt at the moment.

These responsibilities not only include the health aspects of the pandemic but also those associated with our local businesses. Although the phrase ‘Local is Lekker’ has become a constant refrain, the call to all residents to support local businesses cannot be overemphasized.

Now that most of them will be allowed to trade, we need to make sure that the money we spend stays local. Many are struggling to compete with their corporate counterparts. Let us be united in spending our hard-earned money where it counts most – locally.

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