It’s that time of year again when your skin has to transition from winter to spring.  

A new season means change, renewal and refreshment. So, if you are ready, this is the perfect time for you to bring some changes into your beauty routine and try out various treatments that will help you look better than ever. 

We know that choosing aesthetic and non-invasive skin treatments can be overwhelming, especially when one starts searching the net. Or when a professional talks about a skin care programme with a series of different treatments that you have never heard of, or where needles and lasers might be involved. Not to mention combining different technologies that work on different levels of the skin…

But rest assured: Rejuvenating treatments have come a long way from invasive face lifts and paint-stripping peels that required weeks of recovery. Now, with the zap of a sophisticated machine or the prick of a needle, you can look revived, just in time for the warmer weather approaching.

Trends in treatments come and go, with scientific, medical and technological advancements enabling progress all the time. Whether you opt for non-invasive ‘tweakments’ or procedures that deliver desired results, we are here with you on your journey to great skin.

1) Natural results

‘Tweakments’ that deliver natural-looking results are what more and more of us are looking for. It’s about enhancement, not alteration. Keeping the skin in great condition, boosting everything from collagen to brightness, while tackling visible imperfections like pigmentation, red veins and inflamed skin. These ‘tweakments’ don’t involve the lengthy recovery times they used to and, while this may be a less obvious approach, it will ensure more balanced and healthy looking skin.

2) Combination treatments

Why have one treatment when you can have two or three at once? This spring, we have launched a few new Signature Treatments, which include various modalities for the best results. They are popular with our patients as they surpass expectations. Options include facials with radiofrequency and micro-needling with lasers, or the more low-key approach of hydra facials and rejuvenation treatments. By opting for a mix-and-match approach, it means practitioners don’t always have to take the most invasive route.

3) Super ‘spa-ing’

The days when spas or beauty clinics were places where you could have a touchy-feely facial and lounge around in fluffy slippers are long gone. Spas are increasingly introducing aesthetic treatments onto their menus. I truly believe that wellness is about feeling good on the inside and outside; so if a more aesthetic treatment can give you the confidence to tackle the world, then bring it on!

4) Better body ‘tweakments’

Body treatments are having a makeover. Combining different body treatments ‘in one go’ or in a series of different treatments done over a period of time, gives desired results with cellulite, lymph drainage, fat reduction, shaping and skin toning. Combining the LPG endermologie treatment with fat reduction injections for stubborn bulges and ending off with radiofrequency, targets different levels and achieves amazing results. Think bikini bod.

5) Devices that deliver

Devices are continually evolving and new brands and companies are eager to enter the market. It is important for us to stay on the edge of new technologies. We have recently launched our HIFU (High intensity focused ultrasound) machine that has exceeded our expectations with the outcome of sagging skin. More companies are bringing out devices that combine modalities such as Laser and Radiofrequency, or Micro-needling and radiofrequency, to give better results in only one session. 

With our increased understanding of facial anatomy and new and refined uses for different aesthetic tools and products, the spectrum of facial aesthetics is constantly evolving. In order to offer patients the best possible outcomes, we should no longer think about individual treatments but rather look at the whole face, and at different tissue depths, to determine the appropriate treatment approach. 

More than one procedure may be required to correct all the issues – for example, injectables and other modalities such as topical skincare and energy-based therapies can be combined for optimal results. In addition to rejuvenation, physicians also have the right tools to prevent or delay skin ageing, which can be offered to the increasing numbers of younger patients visiting aesthetic practices.

No single technology or neuromodulator can achieve all the results desired in treating the ageing face. The question is when and how to combine different aesthetic interventions safely and effectively for the face, hands, neck, and décolletage.

Refine Clinic’s treatment philosophy is centred around each individual, including available time, budget, and expectations. A detailed assessment and tailored treatment plan, carried through with the latest innovation and professionalism while always putting the patient first, make it easy to choose an appropriate treatment for your skin concern. Together we can get you to ‘Spring into good skin’!

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