2020 – the year of perfect hindsight, as some people are calling it, lies before us with all the ups and downs one can normally expect.

If hindsight is the key to perfect vision, then we as a community have a lot to look back at in the past and a lot to look forward to in the future.

Looking around us, we have much to be proud of. Our economy is slowly picking up after the dismal year we experienced in 2018. There has been an increase in tourism numbers; we are taking positive strides in the fight against crime; we have successfully established the Hermanus Varsity, allowing locals the opportunity to receive tertiary education at a fraction of the cost of going to another institution, and our property market is showing signs of improvement.

Taking all this into consideration, we have to realise that often we tend to miss the positives and therefore also the opportunities. In the words of Adrian Gore, CEO of Discovery, we underestimate the importance of our country and the size of our economy. Because we are constantly being confronted by the negative, our default setting has changed to problem-centric rather than vision-centric.

The time has come for us to acknowledge our progress, be proud and celebrate it. We must recognise our problems as serious but solvable, we must take the positive with the negative and we must realise the potential that is locked up in us as a community and start investing in that.

We need to realise that we can all make positive changes in the lives of those around us and in turn, positively influence our communities. The first step in this direction has been taken by voting yes for the establishment of a Special Ratings Area (SRA) in Onrus. We can lengthen these steps by establishing an SRA in Hermanus and in all the other areas along the Cape Whale Coast.

We have listened long enough to the warmongers, let us start this year by paying attention instead to the change-makers. Let us not give consideration to those who preach division, let us rather follow those who offer solutions. Let us reclaim our peace of mind.

We can make the Overstrand great again. Yes, we can!

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