I would like to start off by complimenting Hermanus on being a great destination for a holiday – lovely clean beaches, great restaurants, safe coastal cliff paths (patrolled by an ever-present security presence) and of course beautiful views.

The only blemish on a great getaway was the speeding and reckless driving we experienced on Westcliff Road. As you know the road is quite long, which means that vehicles can accelerate to quite a speed, and many do. In addition to the speeding, we witnessed on numerous occasions dangerous overtaking manoeuvres at high speed. Twice we witnessed this occurring at the pedestrian crossing (which has islands and is very narrow), in a zone that prohibits overtaking, if I am not mistaken. This poses the greatest risk to runners and cyclists. Runners are especially vulnerable in this case as they do not have sight of the overtaking vehicle coming up behind them.

I hope that some measure can be put in place to prevent the speeding and reckless driving on Westcliff Road before someone is hurt or killed.

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I agree 100%. I drive to work everyday via this road and has whitnessed this many times. Recently I started recording my drive on my cellphone. So I have video evidence of this overtaking at the pedestrian crossing. The number plate is clearly visible. Today travelled back from Parrl. At the Vermont turn of a CEM car overtook cars over the yellow demarcated lines and double white lines. Entering Hermanus I noticed he collided with a taxi. Will this evidence be enough for procecuting the drivers?