With reference to the current SRA process in Hermanus, I have a few questions that I need answers to before I consent to vote:

    • A memorandum of incorporation (MOI) is a requirement for an NPC (non-profit company) in terms of the Companies Act. If I have not had sight of the MOI of the SRA NPC I will not know if I will be entitled to vote for or against any future decisions contemplated by the SRA NPC. It may not be in the interests of the community if ratepayers are not qualified to vote in future. I have asked for the MOI before I consent and am still waiting.
    • Without being provided with such fundamental documents to peruse, I may be disappointed in what I am forced to pay for, what is deliverable and what is not delivered, so will I be able to change anything?
    • The current business plan lacks detail and there are some inaccurate statements, and therefore cannot be voted on. 
    • If I do not know the content of the MOI and my rights are not determined upfront, I may never have a chance to vote for or against such a business plan or amendments in future.

As a ratepayer, I have a right to ask questions and insist on valid responses before consenting. One would presume the MOI must favour ratepayers’ interests. 

Asking questions is not ‘moaning’: It is my democratic right and I am fully entitled to query all aspects of the SRA NPC, until I am satisfied and confident that the process is transparent and in the public interest, rather than just accommodating the inadequacies and whims of the municipal authorities.

Pat Redford

Michael Farr, Chair of the SRA Steering Committee, answers:

  • The HSRA does not have an MOI at this stage as the company has not yet been established. In any event, should the HSRA be established by majority vote, it is intended that Hermanus Public Protection (HPP) as an NPC will file the MOI, outlining the role of members of the NPC.
  • The SRA business plan’s reference to CCTV cameras and software has been discussed with the OM and is included in the business plan with their consent. The mayor has indicated that these assets will be in the hands of the SRA. As the SRA, once established, will be appointing HPP as the management company of the SRA, these assets will be in the hands of HPP.

With regard to the details of the business plan, we have included the following:

  • 24/7 vehicle patrols across all suburbs
  • foot patrols in the CBD and on the Cliff Path
  • bicycle patrols in the daytime across all suburbs
  • incremental expansion of the CCTV network over the 5-year period of the business plan
  • a cleansing regime

Granular detail with respect to the above will only be available after we have completed an RFP (Request for Proposals) process with respect to crime prevention and public safety service provision as well as cleansing service provision. 

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