The following release was published after a public meeting was held last night at the Zwelihle sports grounds. The meeting was called by Zwelihle Renewal, where they announced the formation of the Land Party. The release states:

Our first public meeting was fruitful and progressive and the following was discussed :

1. To organize a peaceful protest with an intention to hand over a memorandum to the Minister of Education. The protest will be directed to Hermanus Primary and Hermanus High School. The two schools are reported to discriminate against the African children, particularly the black pupils.

2. To give support for Theron’s court case on Monday.

3. Our fellow African brothers and sisters are given an opportunity to partake in deliberations that will assist in ending the tension between them and the locals. It is expected that on Sunday they will be meeting with the leadership and give a report back. We all agreed that our African brothers and sisters cannot be used to shield racists but all Africans united will stand side by side to fight all businesses that support racism and divisions.

4. The introduction of the new committee and reducing a number of Spaza shops that are uncontrollable in Zwelihle

5. The formation of the Land Party, its merchandise, launch of its website and the media conference in the next coming weeks.

The date of the march will be made public shortly.

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