You often hear people complaining about poor public service or clumsy construction work, so I am delighted to report two instances of what, to my mind, have very recently reflected true professionalism.

The first is the excellent work done by the people responsible for replacing the old street lamp poles in the kilometre or so of Main Road running through Eastcliff. From the beginning, when they dug a trench the entire length through plants and cement, concrete, bitumen and brick driveways, until the end where we now not only enjoy the stately new lamp poles but marvel at the way the team reconstructed the driveways and replanted the grass as if nothing had disturbed them.

The second is the astonishingly neat work done by the contractors appointed to remove the dead branches in the gum trees opposite our home in Theron Street, Fernkloof. Here again, the work was undertaken swiftly and professionally, and the site left spotless afterwards. Well done to all.

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