A site in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley that was supposed to be used for the temporary housing of pigs from Zwelihle, was today still operating with many of the animals suffering because of inhumane conditions due to a lack of food and water.

From visiting the site, it looks like a good intention that has gone horribly wrong. This morning, two reporters from The Village NEWS, on a tip from a concerned resident, visited a community pig farm in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley.

We couldn’t believe our eyes and noses!  Multiple kraals have been set up housing pigs of all shapes and sizes – approximately 200 to our counting.

Unfortunately, it is clear that the animals are not being taken care of. Some are emaciated. It is clear that others have not been fed or watered for days.

We found no evidence of any food in any of the kraals except for half a pumpkin in one and a bit of cabbage on the side of the road.  A number of water taps are on the site so there is infrastructure for water. A number of the kraals had no shade for the pigs. Most kraals did not have proper water tanks for the pigs to drink from.

It was clear that the site is not visited regularly as a number of pigs and piglets were wandering around having knocked down their kraals. Garbage was strewn everywhere. Some smaller kraals were so full of urine that there was nowhere else for the pigs to lie down.

The Village NEWS has shown the photos to a vet who has promised to go and visit the site and if need be, call the Animal Anti Cruelty League.

What we have established so far:

  1. The land belongs to the municipality
  2. Permission was given by the municipality in 2017 for residents of Zwelihle to house the pigs temporarily. Some 70 pigs were moved to the site.

Did you know that pigs outperform 3-year-old human children on cognition tests and are smarter than any domestic animal, and animal experts consider them more trainable than cats or dogs?

This is a developing story. The Village NEWS has sent a number of questions to the municipality and have been promised answers soon.

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