The decision by developers to go ahead with the construction next year of a new business park next to Hawston should be an indication of the level of trust businesses have in the economy of the Overstrand.

At a time when everyone is under severe economic strain and the impact of the pandemic is still with us, we need to welcome all new business opportunities. Not only will this development allow for new businesses to open in our region, it will also create much-needed new jobs.

As Pres Cyril Ramaphosa said this week, we are in a period of transition from relief to recovery. “The emergency measures that were put in place have laid a firm foundation on which to rebuild the economy. We are seeing new funding commitments for infrastructure development. A number of employment programmes under the Presidential Employment Stimulus have also started and we are pushing ahead with economic reforms in areas such as energy and telecommunications,” said the president.

The decision to develop the business park reflects this and it is hoped that it will be the first of many new developments to see the light of day in the not-too-distant future. Some of the proposed developments in our area include the housing developments at Schulphoek and the Sandbaai Common, the De Mond land that must again go out on tender, as well as the Marina Boat Club in Fisherhaven.

These developments have the potential to unlock hundreds of millions of Rand in our economy. Pushing to attract businesses, especially in the IT sector, to our region will result in many new and exciting opportunities.

Our region has so much to offer and it needs to be marketed as an economically and socially stable area. To do this, it will require all of us to work together to ensure that we keep on moving forward in a sustainable and responsible manner.

It was noticeable that the developers complimented the municipality on the cooperation they received during the planning process. The municipality has already said it will intensify efforts to reduce red tape and make it easier to do business in the Overstrand. 

If red tape can be reduced and public-private partnerships can be made easily accessible to the private sector, the Overstrand will become a sought-after destination for tourists and investors. 

Together with the provincial government’s campaign that launched last week to establish the Western Cape as the ‘Tech Capital’ of the continent, the Overstrand can only be a winner.

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