The For Fact’s Sake columns are – according to Google and the Duck ’n Fiddle’s Explanation of Everything – based in truth. Occasionally, however, names and places have been changed to protect innocent people involved.

Psychics and Seers

Throughout history, certain individuals have been granted a paranormal sixth sense, giving them access to information from another dimension which enables them to predict the future. We’re not talking about Madame Rosa with her bohemian gypsy caravan, Pep doek, and nicotine-stained fingers caressing an upside-down fish bowl.

No. We’re looking at prophets/fortune-tellers from the past who mysteriously got it right more often than not. They were selected to savour the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and, with this insight, they’d hopefully help humanity evolve technically and spiritually, or perhaps forewarn us of impending catastrophes.

An early forerunner to Madame Rosa was the Oracle of Delphi. Although she didn’t have a caravan or nicotine stains, she had her own cave. Periodically, swirls of intoxicating gasses (not hers) wafted from the bowels of the earth through a deep crevice in the cave floor, sending her into a psychedelic swoon that opened her portal to the owner of the fruit tree.

She was consulted before all major undertakings, like impending wars or new colonial acquisitions. She was taken seriously and was obviously pretty good, because Michelangelo painted her portrait in the Sistine Chapel, although he had absolutely no idea what she looked like.

Nostradamus was another famous foreseer. Back then, clairvoyants were deemed heretics, and burnt at the stake. So, with the pungent aroma of braai-ed witch wafting through town, he wrote his prophecies in code to avoid contributing to the swirling stench. Code-writing leaves room for sceptics to interpret things differently, though in reality, he did get things wrong sometimes.

But the fact that he got some things right is baffling on its own. He predicted King Henry II’s death from a splinter of shattered lance through his eyeball whilst jousting. Eish! He predicted the rise of Hitler, but misspelt it Hister (typo?). He also predicted the dates of the French Revolution, both World Wars, the Holocaust, the dissolving of the USSR and Iran’s revolution of 1979.

During the first quarter of this millennium, he foresaw the Twin Towers attack, and various natural disasters – earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods and devastating fires which are constantly in the news. He was spot-on, although he never foresaw a global pandemic.

But guess who this passage could refer to: The next son of an important one will become all powerful in the realm of the privileged, and everyone will be afraid of his greed. (♫ Well, hellooo Donny…)

Where does this information come from though? Why are only some people like Einstein, Teslar and Stephen Hawking granted access to futuristic cutting-edge science? Like the theory of relativity, a blueprint for space exploration, or the invention of electricity which powers the whole world? How can some folks multiply 3647 by 20.98 in their heads in a few seconds? It’s just not fair on the rest of us.

So, this access to knowledge from a different dimension is a reality, but most of us aren’t evolved enough to understand it yet, and what we don’t understand we blindly reject. But if we could see into the future, horse-racing, roulette and insurance policies would be pointless nè?

Bonfire of the Moralities

We’re currently waist-deep in a sewer of insults, denials, hyperbole and downright lies in the battle for Earth’s most powerful person. It kicked off with a debacle of a debate. Then hubris, in the form of Covid-19, dropped a floater in the punchbowl, warning that even the most powerful man on Earth is not spared. 

But wounded predators are extremely dangerous and losing is not an option. With personal debt repayments of around $400 million due over the next four years, the Toxic Orange needs the immunity of the Oval Office, or he’s stuffed. So although he’s not a recognised psychic, he’s predicted that if he loses the election, it’s been rigged – and he’s going nowhere. Heaven help us.

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