Whale Coast Conservation (WCC) invites you to join them for a Zoom chat with Bruce Young about Pangolins, people and COVID-19 on Thursday 21 May at 12:00.

Pangolins are the most trafficked mammals on the planet – more than rhinos, lions and tigers put together. It is estimated that well over 1 million of these creatures have been poached and traded in the past 10 years.

Bruce Young is a filmmaker who set out to tell the world about this little-known animal in the hope that if people knew about it, then they might be moved to take some action to help save it from disappearing forever.

He will tell some of the stories behind the making of the wildlife documentary, Eye of the Pangolin which is freely available on YouTube as part of a pangolin awareness campaign being run by Pangolin.Africa.

To register for the talk, email anina.wcc@gmail.com and a link will be sent to you. If you would like to join the talk but are not comfortable with Zoom, Anina can set up a practice session with you before the talk.

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