Following a meeting with the Overstrand Municipality on Friday 13th December, the Onrus Vermont SRA Steering Committee has been given the opportunity to canvas holidaymaker property owners for an extended period.  

We aim to have our application in with the Municipality by the end of the month, which still falls within the required time period for us to qualify to apply for Council approval within the current municipal financial year.  We are applying pressure to the process because, if we can get approval within the current financial year, we would be able to implement the deductions from July 2020 and have the safety and security systems – as per our business plan – operational by December 2020.  

If, however, we do not reach our target in time to qualify for 2020, it means we would only implement deductions in July 2021 and systems would only be operational by December 2021. The urgency is, therefore, to try to get approval within the current year as this would give us a full 12-month operational advantage.

One of the big concerns for us in not reaching our target within this financial year is that a number of our neighbouring communities are in the process of investigating the possibilities of establishing SRAs for their areas, and we would like to be ahead of this curve.   The reality of not reaching the target in the current period is that Onverwag will not be in a position to continue monitoring all their current cameras, as the proposal is that the SRA would take over this existing camera network. 

Currently, there are a few members of our community who pay a large amount of money towards the camera network.  The SRA would address this imbalance by instituting a system where rather everyone would pay a smaller amount, and the SRA would be a way of monitoring the public space in Onrus and Vermont to the benefit of us all.   The proposed rate payable is 0.00035 cents in the Rand, which works out for example, for a house with a municipal valuation of R1.5m, to be R33.67 / month.  This proposal only applies to the public open space, all homeowners would continue to be responsible for their own private security.  You can find all the relevant information on the SRA website at

There are almost 4200 properties in Onrus and Vermont, and we require a YES vote of 2100 (50% + 1) to proceed with the application.  The current situation is that only 37% of the community has voted.  In spite of this low poll, the SRA has received 60% of our YES target.  We still need another 800 votes.  We will be working hard over the holiday season to try and reach the non-permanent property owners who are only here for the holidays. We will be manning a voting station at Onrus Pharmacy from 09h00 to 18h00 Mon to Fri, and pharmacy hours over weekends and holidays. Please bring your ID and municipal account with you to vote, or vote online at (quick and easy). There is also a voting station open at the NG Kerk from 08h00 to 13h00 Monday to Friday and parking will be easier there for the next week or two.

The Onrus Vermont SRA wishes to thank everyone in our community who has voted so far, and we give “Three Cheers” to our wonderful team of Champions, without whom the Steering Committee couldn’t have managed the huge job we’ve undertaken.  We thank everyone who has played a role, Onrus Pharmacy and the Onrus NG Kerk for their support, as well as the OK Minimark for letting us campaign outside their entrance, as well as all printing and advertising sponsors.  

We hope the community appreciates that we are at a crossroads and that the SRA offers many benefits to transform our community, with 89% of the total cost going towards our collective safety and security, as well as visitor safety.  We appeal to those who have not yet voted to please do so as soon as possible and appeal to all to use word of mouth to encourage friends and neighbours to vote asap.   If you would like to assist in canvassing for votes please contact the SRA steering committee at

A couple of explanations that we have found to be repeatedly requested:  

  • Once a residential property has a building erected on it, it qualifies for a rebate, and the discounted rebate amount applies to the supplementary SRA tax as well, which is why residential deductions are lower than those that apply to vacant or business properties. 
  • The Steering Committee will not necessarily be Directors of the new NPO Company that would be formed to run the SRA, rather a Public Meeting would be held where nominated members of the community would be elected as Directors, and they would establish the company and implement the SRA.  

Please vote YES for the future safety and security of all who live in and visit Onrus and Vermont.

For further information please contact Abner Inghels, Chair – Onrus Vermont SRA Steering Committee on +27 82 323 5433

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