Local Warrant Officer, Charles Fortuin, couldn’t believe his good fortune when he was contacted and told that he was one of two lucky South African shoppers to win last week’s OK Foods trolley dash.

OK Foods Gateway store manager, JJ Smith (right), congratulates winner Charles Fortuin (left) on his win.

The competition is part of the OK Foods Big Birthday Dash which will run until 23 October. All you have to do is buy a participating product from a participating store and then swipe your Count On! loyalty card at the till to be automatically entered into the competition. Two winners are chosen weekly.

Charles and his friend, Sergeant Clintin Jooste, arrived at the store in the Gateway Lifestyle Centre on Friday afternoon, where store manager JJ Smith explained the rules:

Charles would have two minutes to ‘dash’ through the store and get as many products as he could, with Clintin pushing the trolley. Cigarettes and alcohol were off limits and he could not take more than one of the same item. Charles could make use of as many trolleys as he needed, but could not go over the R5 000 limit. When he got to the till, anything over that amount would have to remain in the store.

He had five minutes before the dash to walk around the store to see what he wanted to get and to plan his route. At the starting line, JJ was waiting with a timer. An announcement was made to the staff and customers in the store and then Charles and Clintin took off on a mad dash down the aisles! People in the store ran after them and cheered Charles on as he filled three trolleys. When his time was up, he was out of breath but smiling broadly – his bounty was totalled and came to R4 618.01.

“OK Foods Gateway opened earlier this year and we have already hosted a trolley dash! We, the staff, were very excited that a local was chosen as one of the two winners for last week’s dash,” said JJ. “We will be having another exciting competition after the Birthday Dash is over where customers can stand a chance to win a vehicle.”

Ask in-store how you can get a loyalty card of your own and make sure to use it to stand a chance to win a trolley dash before 23 October.

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