From March 2019, learners at Filadelfia School will suffer less from load shedding and unscheduled power cuts as a result of the innovative Nissan Energy Solution.

 Filadelfia School in Pretoria, which caters to disabled students with a variety of needs, has received Nissan Energy, equipping the school with a functioning back-up solution during power outages and periods of load shedding.

Nissan Energy is an innovative and flexible solution which combines second life Nissan LEAF batteries and solar panels to generate sustainable power. TurnKey Energy provided the solar panels, as well as labour and materials for installation as part of their social responsibility initiatives.

Beginning in 2007, Earth Hour has become the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environmental action, aiming to unify people behind the idea of saving the Earth through symbolically switching off their lights and taking action on climate change. This mission aligns closely to Nissan’s focus on creating a “cleaner, safer, fairer” world, and the company is addressing the issue of energy resilience through a variety of pilot projects around the world.

“Nissan is committed to its sustainable development goals. We are working with Filadelfia School in the community of Soshanguve to improve its access to reliable electricity and increase its use of renewable energy,” said Wonga Mesatywa, Nissan Director Corporate Affairs.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), in 2018, the total number of people without access to electricity globally fell to below one billion. However, while the national grid provides energy access to 85% of the population, capacity and connection constraints mean the school regularly experiences unscheduled energy “blackouts.”

Having an uninterrupted source of power is especially important for Filadelfia School, which experiences several energy outages a month, sometimes for a full day.

The school is even more dependent on reliable energy than mainstream schools as deaf students are not able to read sign language in the dark. Additionally, it is difficult for some of the students to manoeuvre around the school, when there are no lights.

View the mini-documentary video about Filadelfia School on Nissan Stories [].

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