The Barefoot Cook opened its doors last Tuesday evening to role players in the tourism and hospitality industry, who were invited to sample what the Barefoot Cook has to offer this season. Chef Anton Verhoogt and his wife, Nicole mingled with their guests while a steady stream of delectable tasters were presented, accompanied by wines from Beaumont and Seven Springs.

The Verhoogts took over the Barefoot Cook from Mariclaire Day two years ago and are also the owners of Fisherman’s Cottage on Lemm’s Corner. While the latter continues to focus on seafood, Anton says he is able to give his creative talents free rein at Barefoot Cook by being more innovative and trying out new things. The menu, written up on blackboards inside the restaurant and in the delightful courtyard garden, changes regularly according to the seasonal availability of fresh produce.

An added attraction at the Barefoot Cook is the Lize Art Gallery, which occupies the front room of the building. The gallery stays open late every Friday evening and, as Lize says, “It’s First Fridays here every week!” Lize Smit can be contacted on 076 155 9015 and to make a booking at Barefoot Cook, call 028 312 4681.

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