Residents in Hermanus will be able to resume their recycling efforts soon, after it was announced that a brand-new recycling centre will be built and completed next year.

According to municipal Director of Infrastructure and Planning, Stephen Müller, a total of R20 million has been budgeted for the replacement of the recycling centre that was gutted last year during the violent riots that rocked Hermanus.

“We are finalising the planning phase of the project, which will consist of three different facilities. Firstly, there will be a transfer station where all the household waste that was picked up from homes will be taken to. This waste will be put into large containers before being moved in bulk to the Karwyderskraal Dumpsite.

“Secondly, there will be a material recycling facility (MRF), much the same as the facility that was run by Walkerbay Recycling at the old transfer station. At the MRF the clear bags that were put out for recycling by residents will be opened and the contents sorted for recycling purposes,” said Müller.

The third facility will be a garden refuse area where garden refuse will be chipped before being moved to the Karwyderskraal Dumpsite.

According to Müller a final decision as to where the new recycling centre will be built will be taken in the next few weeks.

“We have two options as to where to position the facility, both with its own pros and cons. The first site is next to the sewerage works at the bottom end of Schulphoek Street. This is a central position for Hermanus and will be easily accessible for residents and businesses wanting to drop off refuse at the MRF or garden refuse area. This location is also close to home for most of the staff who work at the MRF.

“The problem, however, is that this site is located next to a school and in between two suburbs. As with any big business, there will be an increase in traffic, noise and, especially dust in the area. We have commissioned a traffic impact study to ensure that normal traffic will not be impeded by an influx of garbage trucks to the area,” he said.

Although the Karwyderskraal Dumpsite is located further out of town and staff will need to be transported to and from work, it will offer an opportunity to create a regional recycling centre in conjunction with the Overberg District Municipality.

“This means that all the other towns in the region will also have access to a recycling facility and more money can be generated through recycling because of the increase in volume of refuse,” said Müller.

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