A proposal for the amendment of the Overstrand Municipality liquor trading hours bylaw 2011 has elicited a flurry of comments on social media. The two-page document contains significant implications for liquor licence holders as well as consumers in terms of when alcohol may be sold. 

The proposed amendments mean that licenced businesses such as bars, clubs and other waterholes cannot sell liquor after midnight, and that consumers can no longer buy alcohol on a Sunday from bottle stores, supermarkets or any other outlets that sell alcohol, for off-premises consumption (i.e. to take home).

If enacted by Council, the following amendments to the bylaw will apply:

  • Liquor may only be sold for consumption on licenced premises between 10:00 and 00:00 on any day.
  • Liquor may only be sold for consumption off licenced premises between 08:00 and 20:00, Mondays to Saturdays only.

The proposed liquor trading hours bylaw will be available for perusal during office hours at the offices of the Area Managers in Gansbaai, Stanford, Hermanus and Kleinmond, in all the public libraries in the Overstrand and the Corporate Head Office of the municipality in Hermanus, as well as the official website at www.overstrand.gov.za. Click on Documents, then click on bylaw and draft bylaw.

Overstrand residents have until 23 March to comment on the new proposed liquor trading hours and are urged to do so through the official channels, and to clearly motivate and substantiate their comment, be it for or against the proposal. Comments can be forwarded to the Municipal Manager (for attention Lionel Wallace), PO Box 20, Hermanus 7200, or fax 028 313 8931, or emailed to lwallace@overstrand.gov.za.

According to a statement issued by the municipality, “The proposed changes can be seen as an attempt to clamp down on establishments that sell liquor illegally or without licences, and also an attempt to mitigate liquor abuse, hooliganism, noise pollution and public disturbances.”

Residents who are aware of an individual or a business that is not adhering to the liquor laws have the option of lodging a complaint with the Western Cape Liquor Authority. Complaints could include knowledge about unlicensed liquor outlets in the community; outlets selling liquor to under-aged persons; or an outlet staying open later than its licence allows.

Such activities can be reported to the Western Cape Liquor Authority on 021 204 9805 or email: liquor.enquiries@wcla.gov.za. If you are in need of more information, visit www.wcla.gov.za. Complaints may also be directed to the South African Police Service (SAPS) and municipal law enforcement.

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