Ready-made Mito Meals and Shop with Doc have now been launched at OK Foods Hermanus in the Gateway Lifestyle Centre.

“Mito-Life meals are safe for those interested in gluten-free, diabetic and low-carb eating. So you can eat yourself to health without bending over backwards. Mito-Life meals are affordable and accessible to everyone,” says Dr Julienne Fenwick who, along with Chef O’Niel from OK Foods, created the meals on offer.

Meals will vary on a regular basis. Meals on offer have included Thai chicken curry, vegetable curry, chicken and butternut curry. eggplant lasagne and seafood curry.

“Shop with Doc is an opportunity for customers and patients to learn what healthy products are available and how to use them in daily food preparation. I’ll also discuss general nutrition, lifestyle questions and various diets to help avoid confusion,” says Julienne.

Mito, the shortened form of mitochondria, are the body’s powerhouse. They make most of the cells’ supply of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that cells use as a source of energy. Research has shown that certain nutrients and enzymes play a huge role in how the mitochondria function.

Simply put, as the saying goes, “You are what you eat”. If your mitochondria are not working properly, your cells won’t have the energy to do their jobs. This can lead to getting sick.

As Julienne pointed out during the launch last week, one can transform one’s health using food as medicine.

Julienne has a special interest in functional medicine and believes that one needs to have an integrative approach to health that combines the best of western medicine, where necessary, with teaching patients to optimise their health naturally, where possible.

Visit the Mito-Life section at the deli of OK Foods Gateway for a healthy ready-made meal for the family. Shop with Doc can be booked in-store or by calling 071 536 1084. The cost is R200 for a one-hour tour with Dr Julienne Fenwick.

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