Illegal parking in disabled parking bays is becoming problematic as people who do not need wheelchairs are using the designated wheelchair parking bays. Most people abuse these parking facilities as they are close to the entrance of a building or shopping centre.

According to Overstrand Municipality’s Traffic Chief, Rudi Fraser, wheelchair dependent people need space (width) to be able to open the door wide to allow wheelchairs next to the car without hindering access.

“Far too often these disabled parking bays are used by people who have light-duty mobility impairment, people who are frail and people who feel that any impairment allows them to park in these facilities. But even people with other physical problems should not use these bays – they should park somewhere else because wheelchair-bound people can only park where there is space for the wheelchair,” he said. 

Applying for a disabled parking disc

If you have a disability, you can apply for a disabled parking disc from the Overstrand Traffic Department. All correspondence must be directed to the Traffic Chief. A disabled parking disc allows you to park in allocated disability parking bays in the Overstrand area and exempts you from parking provisions in certain circumstances.

To qualify for the disc, a medical practitioner needs to complete the form that explains the nature and constraints of the applicant’s disability. The applicants can get the form from any Traffic Department in the Overstrand. The disabled parking permits are valid for two years. For renewal of the parking disc the application process will have to be repeated.

The following documents must be submitted, along with the completed form:

  • your ID document,
  • 2 ID photographs,
  • the prescribed fee.

If you are issued with a disabled parking disc, you’ll need to display the disc clearly on your windscreen at all times. Please contact the Traffic Chief, Rudi Fraser, on email to request or to submit the form.

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