I took very ill recently with a lung infection. I have no medical aid and was forced to pay R520 to see a private doctor or go to the provincial hospital. The latter was not an option as I am 77 years old and an asthma sufferer and I could not sit and wait to be attended to.

After two consultations with a private doctor (thanks to my wonderful daughter) I was still not getting better. I was told to hire a nebuliser at the pharmacy but they would not help me as I did not have the money to pay for it. In tears, I went home. By midnight I was struggling to breathe. I called the Mediclinic and asked to speak to a doctor, who told me to come to the hospital.

I was put on oxygen and given a cortisone injection. My daughter was distraught because she was worried not only about me but also how she was going to pay the bill. The doctor gave me a third antibiotic and a nebuliser to use three times a day and also at night, as I could not lie down. When I was discharged the doctor said “no charge”.

Thanks to the actions of the emergency doctor at Mediclinic (an angel) I am completely well now, but without him I might not be here to tell my story. I would like to thank Dr Siecker and his staff for their kindness and care. I will never forget what they did for me.

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