We offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic radiology services to out-patients and hospital in-patients. We strive to deliver high quality and appropriate imaging services to our patients here in the Overberg, and thus contribute towards better standards of care.

• Women’s Imaging

We offer mammography and breast ultrasound with the aim of early detection of breast cancer, which has been shown to vastly improve patient outcomes.  We offer bone densitometry for diagnosis and follow-up of osteoporosis. Pelvic MRI is offered for evaluation of endometriosis and other conditions related to the female reproductive organs. We offer a private and comfortable environment for ladies visiting our department.

• Prostate MRI

Multi-parametric MRI of the prostate gland assists the urologist in early detection of prostate cancer and is the benchmark for evaluating the extent of disease and thus forms an essential part of treatment planning.

• Musculoskeletal Imaging

Diagnostic service for a wide range of pathology, ranging from arthritis to sport injuries are offered. The high-quality images on our ultrasound machine facilitate diagnosis of rotator cuff injuries, amongst others. Our modern MRI scanner ensures excellent image quality and represents the gold standard in imaging the hip, knee, shoulder and various other regions.

• Oncology and whole body MRI

CT scans form an integral part of the management of oncology patients. Oncology patients can have their scans done locally in the Overberg at their convenience. We offer state-of-the-art whole body diffusion weighted imaging for detection of cancer spread to the skeleton. 

• Central Nervous System

In order to image the brain and spine, we offer CT (computed tomography) and MRI, each of which is used in the correct clinical context, ranging from head injury, stroke and headache, to back pain.  MRI of the lower back is the best modality to evaluate the intervertebral discs and the nerve roots as they leave the spine.

Our three specialist Radiologists are Dr Illza Perold, Dr Johan du Plessis and Dr Shirley Craib. Our friendly and efficient administrative and radiography staff will do their utmost to ensure your visit to our practice is a pleasant experience. 

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