First impressions are lasting ones. The impression which visitors to Hermanus form of our town based on what they see when they arrive along the R43 between Sandbaai and Gateway is not what one would like it to be.

Coastal Trusses employees Ayanda Ginya, Yanga Dalibango, Artwell Magqirha and Samuel Feni filled 25 refuse bags with litter along the R43 opposite Gateway Centre on Monday morning when the company did not have enough work to keep them busy.

“The amount of litter lying in the road reserve and accumulating in the stormwater ditch next to the road is a real eyesore and creates such a distorted image of our lovely town. Proud locals cringe every time they drive, walk or cycle past there,” says Robbie Viljoen, owner of local business, Coastal Trusses.

When Coastal Trusses experienced a lull in their business activities earlier this week and found it difficult to keep all their employees constructively occupied, Robbie and his management team decided to turn this into an opportunity to serve the community. When the idle workers were asked if they would be willing to clean the road reserve, they jumped at the opportunity.

Armed with masks, gloves, overalls and safety bibs, they took to the task and within a matter of two hours collected about 25 refuse bags of rubbish just on the northern side of the road between Rotary and Mountain Drives. The bags were taken to Ingomso Lelethu Recycling to be recycled.

“Not having enough work to keep your workers busy is painful. It’s a nightmare for any business owner. But the pain is alleviated when one converts it into an opportunity to make a difference,” says Robbie.

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