When the Royal Street bypass was constructed, several traffic circles were incorporated with the objective to improve traffic flow versus the dysfunctional three- and four-way stops.

Unfortunately, in reality the circles are becoming a nightmare, particularly the one at the taxi rank because many drivers have no clue on how to negotiate a roundabout. Most drivers treat it like a three- or four-way stop i.e. braking instead of maintaining speed, whether traffic is oncoming or not.

It’s high time somebody starts educating our drivers and clarifying that stopping at a roundabout should be an exception, not the rule. Even if traffic is visible to the right, it does not mean one has to stop! Instead one should enter the circle at the same speed as the oncoming traffic, in which case a maximum space of 10 metres is needed. 

I have asked the Traffic Chief in the past to set up an educational campaign, but so far I have seen nothing of the sort happening.

So why can our hugely popular local paper not start an educational campaign in the interest of all our drivers? You might start by publishing this letter, but make sure you follow up, particularly when the holiday makers are descending onto Hermanus. Because then the problem becomes huge!

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