Thank you for a very interesting and informative Village News. We have learnt so much about the wonderful Overberg by reading it every week.

However, the excellent article on the cover page last week (11 Nov edition) about keeping our guard up made me a little upset as it was illustrated by the photograph above where not one single socialite of Hermanus was wearing a mask or practising social distancing! 

Okay, they were having a glass of wine, but keeping a distance was not apparent and not all were drinking wine. Page 5 also showed guests at a function all shoulder to shoulder and not a mask in sight. What example is this showing to the public, I ask?

We really do need to stop being complacent and keep to the rules.

-P Wynne, Kleinmond

Mask up, people!

What is the point of Pres Ramaphosa and the municipality reminding us to wear masks at gatherings etc, when your front page pic and the pic at a function show unmasked people who should know better and be an example to the many who don’t?

Mark, Sandbaai 

Under current Covid-19 regulations, members of the public who are dining out, gathering at wine bars or attending functions where food and drinks are served, are allowed to remove their masks while eating and/or drinking. Social distancing is also not always adhered to during these occasions. While The Village NEWS is supportive of all local establishments – and their staff – who suffered great losses during the lockdown before being permitted to resume trade, it remains each one’s responsibility to ensure that the proper protocols are followed by their guests. We are fully supportive of every effort made to minimise the risk of transmission. Where possible, before taking any pictures, we ask people whether they want to pose with or without their masks and we adhere to what makes them feel comfortable.

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