With the summer season ahead of us and a plethora of festivals, celebrations and events on the social calendar, it seems that our town and its economy is slowly recovering after a devastating 2018.

However, there is still one link missing in assisting our tourism industry to get back on its feet. Hermanus needs a lot of positive public relations and now, more than ever, we need to market our town as a safe and affordable destination.

If you search online for Hermanus you are met with the most unbelievable array of mishmash you can imagine. Much of the information on our town and surrounding areas as well as the activities is a repeat of the same information that has been used for years.

A few years ago, Hermanus had a very active Tourism Council and before that a very competent Destination Marketing Organisation. But is seems as if much of the work they did has gone to waste and very little is being done at the moment to attract visitors to our shores.

I do not claim to be a marketing or web specialist but websites doing exactly the same as printed brochures do not add value. They simply show the same information over and over again. In this day and age, it should not be difficult to have a website that is easily and regularly updated. I have a website for my business, and I update it almost weekly with new offers. Should the same not be the case when it comes to marketing our town online?

Is it not time for all businesses to become actively involved in promoting our town? Not as separate entities but as a collective. We are all dependent on the money generated from tourism. We have had many public meetings on a wide array of topics. The time has come to have one on tourism that will lead to action, not division.

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