I would like to urge everyone to vote for the Onrus-Vermont SRA. I have lived in a high crime area before, and I have seen the results of a Special Rating Area firsthand. The crime rate dropped to near zero and any potential crime was dealt with swiftly.

You might think that we have a low crime rate now and that we do not need it at present – most people have the attitude of ‘I am OK, Jack’ because I have not had a break in yet. Or I am OK because I live in a security complex. Come on, people, that is not in the spirit of standing together as a community, is it? How high do you want the crime rate to be before serious action must be taken? I think a couple of armed robberies as we have had in the Vermont and Onrus area is enough cause for serious concern and action!

I did not attend the public meeting on the proposed SRA held in September, but I believe that people were very negative and complained about the costs and distribution thereof. And apparently, ‘ALSO love Onrus’ (Proposed SRA levy for Onrus-Vermont ‘hugely unfair’, The Village NEWS, 30 October) feels that calculating the cost in terms of the valuation of your property is unfair, as those with higher priced properties would get the same “value” out of the SRA as those whose properties are valued at a lesser amount and therefore will pay less.

I don’t see you guys running to the council to have your rates reduced or to the Receiver of Revenue to have your taxes lowered, because you earn and have more than others. And to make this even more outrageous, we are talking about a negligent amount of something like R175 per month for a house valued at 6 million. Really!

Just think about how much your property might grow in value if our area becomes safer and cleaner. Think about how “unfair” it will be if your precious property, your biggest investment, loses value because of crime and grime… over a mere R175 or even much less per month! (If you have a R1 million property, think of that R22 per month as one cup of coffee, or if you are privileged enough to own a R6 million property, think of that R175 per month as one meal with drinks in an average restaurant!)

Well, to those of you who do not want to pay their fair or unfair share, I have the following story to tell: A good friend of mine who is an excellent mother and educator, sat her three children down one day and explained to them that “life is unfair” and that complaining about it will get them nowhere. She insisted that they get “over themselves right now” and move on.

Living in South Africa is expensive (unfair), the police are understaffed and the government is not helping enough (unfair), combating crime costs the community extra money (unfair) and the SRA is going to have a slight cost implication for the more affluent to keep everyone safe (unfair).

So, I say the same to this community: “Life is unfair.” Please guys, just get over it! If we do not do this now, the crime rate will just escalate, and those of you who are bemoaning the “unfairness” of it all, will be the first ones in a couple of years’ time to be complaining about rampant crime and falling property prices!

Be bold, face the unfair challenges we as a community can overcome, by voting YES for the SRA!

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