Folk have noticed a lack of whales, yet have not been given a reasonable explanation why this is so.

Here is something to consider: The whole population that visits this particular area had a major disruption in their mating/birthing cycle that began about four years ago, via changes in the dominant wind/water movements in this area.

That culminated in the incredible red tide period of three years back. I’m suggesting that the whales were put off by these unusual conditions and it broke their cycles. Two years ago, conditions had normalised enough for mating to recommence, which it did, spectacularly, resulting in a mass birthing of about 660 calves a year ago.

That would have involved the vast majority of the females in this population. Now those females are looking after their calves and will not produce again for about three years from the last birth. The new calves of last year will not produce for about another seven years.

The whales only visit this area to give birth and to mate. Normally maybe a quarter or a third of the females breed and produce each year, but because of the disruptions, we see mass abstention followed by mass breeding. It will take a few years, maybe three to four more, for “normality” to return.

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