With its 60 km of inter-linked trails, Fernkloof is a delight for avid hikers and nature lovers. It is one of our town’s top attractions and many visitors are expected over the holiday season.

To ensure the safety of all visitors, Tourism Safety Monitors are available to accompany hikers in the nature reserve on a complimentary basis during weekdays between 08:00 – 16:00. 

Please make a reservation to walk with one of these guides by emailing infomanager@hermanus.co.za or capewhalecoast@overstrand.gov.za.

The summer gate opening times for Fernkloof are from 06:00 – 19:00 and all visitors must please ensure that they keep to these times.

Safety tips:

  • Program emergency numbers in your cellphone before your hike
  • Don’t hike alone
  • Allow yourself enough time 
  • Inform someone of your route and what time you’re expected back
  • Wear a hat or cap and sun block in summer. Weather changes rapidly and unexpectedly
  • Stick to well-used contour paths
  • Always take enough water, especially in summer, and food in case of a delay
  • Take a fully-charged cellphone
  • A walking stick makes for an easier hike. These are available at the visitor centre on loan

Here’s a reminder of the contact numbers you might need for the various emergency services:

  • 028 312 2400 in case of a fire, flood or medical emergency
  • 028 313 8980 for security and safety issues
  • 028 313 8000 for general enquiries / accounts
  • 028 313 8111 for emergencies relating to basic services / municipal infrastructure
  • 028 313 8996 law enforcement day-to-day complaints

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