The letter, Stop parking in disabled zones! In the 4 September issue of The Village NEWS refers. I fully agree. This is a regular problem and so frustrating for those in wheelchairs. I would like to recommend to Mr Hermansen, or any other resident that sees someone parked in these bays without a sticker, to report it to the following number: 073 853 9675.

This is what you do: Take a photo, showing the car parked in a disabled zone, with its registration number and the location, date and time and WhatsApp it to the number above. The vehicle is then reported to the proper authorities and the management of the centre where the incident took place will be contacted and asked about their policy regarding disabled parking bays. The authorities only receive the photos and info without revealing the identity of the source.

I myself have a disability but I know that these spaces are needed more for those in wheelchairs, because of the extra space needed to transfer in and out of their vehicle, so I myself make use of a normal parking bay, even at difficult times.

Supporting those with disabilities

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Raphael da Silva

Good day. As the Whale Coast Mall has been mentioned in the article pertaining to the disabled letter, we would like to place the following comment on the comments made. Good afternoon Mr Groenewald and Mrs Paulet. We would like to thank you for bringing these issues to our attention. The Whale Coast Mall management team takes concerns, such as these, seriously and are continuously investigating appropriate ways in which to resolve them. As we see this in a serious light, we would like to invite you to come and discuss your concerns with us, over a cup of coffee.… Read more »