As we undoubtedly live in one of the prettiest areas on the face of the planet, we must always be conscious of our habits, be it inadvertently leaving out food for baboons, not picking up after our dogs or ensuring that we recycle.

While many residents try their utmost to keep to the rules and ensure that they recycle, it is becoming a worry for many of us that more than a year after Walker Bay Recycling was destroyed, no new tender has been awarded by the Overstrand Municipality.

One of the reasons we were so proud of our town was that we won the title of Cleanest Town of the Year several times. This title is not awarded to a town for only having clean streets but for the work it does in recycling. We were at the forefront and were the envy of many other towns. Now it seems we are falling behind. If recycling is not kept top-of-mind it is easy to fall back into old habits that die hard.

Please can we have our recycling centre back as soon as possible?

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