As someone who does not often drive into town, I was completely astounded by the state of the open piece of land next to the taxi rank.

On the day I drove past there, a light breeze was blowing and the large amount of dust only added to what I believe must be the most unattractive entrance to any town in the area (I was tempted to say in the country, but then I reminded myself why I moved here in the first place).

The attempt at a sign that is aimed at welcoming visitors to our town is downright embarrassing and the various other signs and banners do not add to anyone feeling wamkelekile.

As was mentioned in the letters column only a few weeks ago, there is much work to be done to advertise our town and region to tourists. We can have the most amazing brochures and glitzy websites and attend all the travel shows world-wide and it will still not help to make a good first impression.

It would not take much to transform this piece of real estate into a really welcoming attraction by simply erecting a decently constructed sign, planting some shrubs and flowers, and banning all the vinyl banners that shout at all who travels past. I understand that festivals need to attract people, but can it not be done in a manner that is both aesthetically pleasing and informative?

If we want to be known as a top-class destination, it would be worth our while to invest some time and money into leaving a good impression with everyone who enters our CBD.

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