I wholeheartedly agree with Willy Vanderhoeven regarding a need for education pertaining to traffic circles in Hermanus. In addition to his plea to educate drivers, there is a huge need to educate pedestrians, too.

The pedestrians in Hermanus seem to almost challenge motorists at the circles, seeming to delight in trying to force them to stop. They obviously do not know the traffic rules regarding circles, and the general public needs to be educated.

If pedestrians are at the legal crossing point, vehicles approaching/entering the circle must stop. However, if a vehicle is exiting a circle, a pedestrian at the legal crossing point must wait for the vehicle to pass.

This makes sense, as it would otherwise result in a vehicle suddenly having to stop in the process of navigating and exiting the circle – a massive potential for impact from behind.

My view is that there should not be any pedestrian crossings at traffic circles at all. Nobody knows the (complicated) rules, and the potential for accidents is way too high.

However, if the authorities persist with the misplaced pedestrian crossings, please embark on an education process – especially with pedestrians – to ensure that everyone is able to negotiate the circles safely.

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