We voted YES to the Onrus-Vermont SRA as we feel that this is a good option to provide the extra security needed in the current situation where break-ins are now a nightly occurrence. This situation is not likely to get better, but unless something is done it is likely to get a lot worse.

The current CCTV co-ordinated by the OnVerWag Neighbourhood Watch team has proved its worth when the perpetrators of the recent armed robbery in Vermont were apprehended in under an hour thanks to the local street’s CCTV. Without proper sustainable funding, this system cannot be maintained, let alone extended. The SRA is the only viable option for this. The Municipality will not, and in fact cannot, provide extra security in selected areas. We the residents should and must look after ourselves.

With a 50% +1 YES vote we will be able to have a dedicated vehicle patrolling Vermont and Onrus 24/7, with foot patrols on the coastal path and cameras at all entry and exit points to the area, monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This in our case will cost less than R70 per month and others about half of that on average. We cannot afford not to do it. Other areas locally are getting organised and unless we do the same we will become the soft target.

There is no conspiracy, there is no ulterior motive, only a few public-spirited local residents giving time freely in all our interests. The deadline is the end of November, so cast your vote and encourage friends, neighbours and especially absentee property owners to do the same.

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