This story is one of those that bears telling. I bought a second-hand bicycle to get some exercise by riding it around my suburb. Now, it is a 50’s model like the Baby Boomer lady who rides it – a red Western Flyer, and I enjoyed feeling exhilarated while getting around.

However, one day I made the mistake of parking it on the passenger side of my garage. As I reversed, not noticing the wheel jutting out, it caught the edge of the wheel and was so buckled that I could no longer use it. I took it to one bike shop but they just shrugged and said the rim could not be fixed and the model was just too old to find parts for it.

Well, by some miracle I found out about the little bike shop next to the mower shop, and took it to Steve. After numerous phone calls around the country, and two months of searching, he phoned me last week to tell me that my bike was fixed and I could come and fetch it. He had managed to find an original Imprerial rim (26X1 3/8 inch)!

I just want to thank Steve at the bike shop for going the extra mile for his customers and restoring my faith in local business. Well done, and may you prosper in your business.

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