In response to the letter from Dr Shirley Kokot in the ‘Let’s Talk’ section of 13 May entitled ’Joggers should wear masks’:

Firstly, opinions like that are causing people to lose perspective. We are not in lockdown to stop this virus – it was initially done to ‘flatten the curve.’ We are not going to get rid of the virus, it will be with us for some time to come. If one is so afraid of getting it then you should isolate yourself, but the world needs to continue. As soon as possible.

Right now, there is a higher chance of people dying of starvation or in a car accident than dying of COVID-19, so in addition to not walking on the cliff path perhaps you should also no longer drive.

Dr Kokot’s use of emotive words and exclamation marks make me question what type of doctor she is, but what scares me more is that even intelligent people are missing the point… What is outrageous is that there even is an exercise time slot, that joggers should have to wear masks and breathe in their own CO2, that people want the authorities to be more involved in regulating that type of ‘crime’ and that freedom is being seen as selfish!

This is a slippery slope where logic is lost and the people of South Africa are being so micromanaged that we are losing the ability to think for ourselves, stand up for ourselves and end up with some weird ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ where we start believing this is good for us.

Everyone is, of course, entitled to their own opinion but not everyone should have an audience and I believe The Village NEWS has a platform and therefore a responsibility to not just publish everything that is provocative. This article is basically some ‘Karen’s’ glorified Facebook post and we get enough of that on Facebook. This newspaper reaches an audience that is hungry for information. Information! Give them that. Don’t throw fuel on the fire of their fear.

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