It was with great sadness that we learned of Liza Van Coppenhagen’s decision to close the Hermanus Country Market. For a very long time the Market has been one our main attractions, catering to both locals and visitors from far flung destinations. It has been a venue where friends have gathered and where new friendships have been made. Local people have been able to make a living by displaying their wares and showcasing their talents. In many respects the Market has epitomised what local community based tourism should look like.

Whilst we understand the reasons which have informed Liza’s decision, there is a part of all of us which seeks to preserve and maintain what the Market has come to mean to Hermanus. We are hopeful that the discussions currently underway with important stakeholders who are attempting to salvage the situation will bear fruit. The Hermanus Ratepayers Association is committed to assisting in any way it can to preserve the Market.

We are hopeful that good sense and pragmatism will prevail and that we will all soon be able to get the show back on the road.

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