I was at the Woolworths in town last week and parked in front of the building. There was one parking attendant, a legal one with the pink bib, and it wasn’t busy.

When I returned to my car, I was reversing out of the parking bay when this guy came and banged on the boot of my car and told me to get back into the parking bay. I then saw that he had a hand-held meter and he told me to pay R3.00 for parking. When I asked him why I must pay for parking, he said, “It’s the owner of the building that says so and all the people complain about paying.”

This is so ridiculous. At a time when all the businesses are struggling, they should be only too pleased if we come to shop – and it’s not as if there are dozens of cars waiting for parking.

Then, when I went to the Checkers in town, I found that the free parking had been reduced to one hour and after that you pay R6.00. When I go to the Station Centre, Checkers is the only store where I shop and I feel if I have spent a few hundred rands on groceries, I should be able to show my slip and get free parking.

At this rate I won’t be surprised if people go to the mall instead and don’t bother to shop in town.

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