The attached image depicts a frequent scene when walking up the lane from Marine Drive to Harbour Road, located between Warrington Place and The Wine Glass. The lane, used daily by visitors sightseeing in the CBD, gives an extremely negative picture of this tourist destination, especially in view of the fact that Hermanus holds the record as the cleanest town in the Overberg.

The garbage area in question apparently belongs to the Sea Village complex situated on Marine Drive, and the litter and filth is caused by the many vagrants in the area rummaging in the bins for whatever they can find. The security gates were once chained and locked to the wall, but the bolts and brackets have been tampered with and removed.

Repeated complaints have been made to the Municipal authorities about the unsightly mess, not only in Warrington Place, but also the over-spilling garbage bin at Lemm’s Corner. However, to date nothing has been done regarding this unacceptable situation.

In a CBD which is rapidly falling apart due to the lack of interest by the Municipality, this is just one of the many problems that never gets addressed. If Hermanus is to remain a tourist destination, this and many other urgent issues need to be given priority by the authorities. To date many businesses have closed their doors in the CBD, leaving at least 12 vacant retail premises. This confirms the irresponsible deterioration of a once vibrant and historical landmark in Hermanus.

Wake up, Mr Mayor, and take action before it is too late.

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