At first when I read the article in News24 I thought it had to be fake news – an April Fool`s joke, printed by accident a few months prematurely – until I read it again in The Village NEWS, as well as the Overstrand Herald.

Why dig out of the dusty, obsolete archives only the old dog licence requirement? Bicycles also had to be licenced in those days, so include cyclists as well. And while you are at it, seeing that it appears to be silly season, why not go the whole hog and require licences for cats, caged birds, hamsters, rabbits, white mice and rats, fish in tanks, etc.

I agree with the need for dog control at public beaches in season and do not find fault with those regulations. I am aware that unfortunately there are some inconsiderate, irresponsible dog owners, but they need to be dealt with on their own. You don`t fine every car owner should someone else commit a traffic offence.

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