The baboon monitoring programme recently implemented by Human Wildlife Solutions will clearly take some time to effect changes in the troops’ habits. This is a highly specialised approach to baboon management and has been successful in several areas of the Cape Peninsula for many years.

The fundamental issue, in the high-density suburban environment, remains poor refuse management. For almost a year, the Hermanus Baboon Action Group (HBAG) has been campaigning regularly in the media, on the Hermanus Baboons website and Facebook page, as well as WhatsApp neighbourhood watch groups, for residents to take their domestic refuse management seriously.

Baboons adore sugary and starchy human-derived foods and domestic refuse bags and open bins provide easy access. HBAG appeals again to all residents, property management companies, letting agents, cleaning services and staff, and weekenders, to always secure their refuse bins with baboon-proof devices and to never put refuse bags anywhere on the pavement or the inside of any property. All refuse must be secured.

Last weekend’s incident in Voëlklip took place on a property where the refuse bin was not secured. This property will remain an easy target for as long as the owners refuse to manage their refuse responsibly. Complaining about baboon raids when your own refuse is not managed properly, is unacceptable. Please, this community must try harder!

It’s up to all of us. We all want the monitoring programme to work, but we all need to be participants, rather than observers. Report problem neighbours to Francois Pretorius at Overstrand Waste Management on 028 313 8092 or send an email to The Baboon Hotline is 071 588 6540. More info about baboon-proof locking devices can be found on under ‘Contacts’. Visit our facebook page @hermanus baboons or check in with our website for regular updates.

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